helmets in hands
helmets in hands
  • About HIH


    There is a need for helmet acceptance and awareness in sports and lifestyle activities. Preventing concussions start with wearing a helmet however it doesn’t end there.

    Every time you step on a skateboard, ride a bike, or do what ever extreme sport or activity you do and you commit to wearing your helmet you reduce the risk of head injury significantly.

    Remember wearing your helmet will not prevent a Traumatic Brain Injury or a Concussion, however it will reduce the severity of damage to your head In the event of a fall.

    What is Helmets In Hands?

    Helmets In Hands is a helmet awareness program designed for active kids and adults. Our core mission is to reduce traumatic brain injuries and concussions in sports, extreme sports and extreme lifestyle activities.

    Established in 2009 after my near fatal fall while skateboarding without a helmet and laying in the ICU I said to my Mom “this can’t happen to anyone else” “I need to do something“ 

    You could say I had the ultimate drive and determination as there was massive amounts of pain and adrenaline going through my body. I have a relationship with God and that day I confirmed that relationship and asked to stay a little longer. 

    I received a second lease on life that day and with it an idea to hand out helmets. Fast forward 40 days and I’m reunited with my 3 kids and by that evening I found my son sitting on my longboard with his helmet on. I remember his words “TJ helmet hand”as he placed the helmet in my hands. Helmets In Hands was created.


    Each day we will continue to push forward, building meaningful relationships in the sports, active lifestyle, academic, and medical community. Concussions know no boundaries and HIH will continue our Wear It! Worldwide mission to aid in reducing concussions and TBI for athletes of all ages.